to introduce God to those who don't know Him anD recount who he is to those who do...

We unite with the goal of creating a musical and visual atmosphere that reflects and "paints the picture" of who He is. To that end, we utilize visual technology and graphics, songs you hear on mainstream radio, hymns that have been sung for centuries, worship songs we’ve written, and songs from other churches around the world.

We value blessing God’s heart, embracing our responsibility as lead worshipers, creating “meeting places,” a continual pursuit of artistic excellence, community, and a real and growing relationship with the Triune God.


Join the team...

Audio Tech Team
This team is responsible for audio amplification and enhancement of musical and video presentations and the spoken word (active mixing, mic cues, trouble shooting tech issues as needed, etc).

Multimedia Team
This team is responsible for visual presentations, lighting transitions, and videography
during our services.

These skilled vocalists and instrumentalists minister to God's heart and engage those in attendance through music.

Contact: AJ Bass @ 972-429-0868 or aj@newhopechristian.org